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At Sunrise Day Care, we keep your personal needs and financial concerns forefront while offering you care costs. No matter in which corner of the world, doing what, there is always going to be someone out there in need of help.

A lot of decision making is required while choosing the right kind of care and looking into its costs. We are here to help you in understanding this issue and make you choose wisely about where and how to spend your money on care.

Home Care Costs

They vary depending on your needs. Hourly Visiting care costs and intensive level care costs are manageable in accordance with the degree of care necessary for you. You and your family will rest assured by the cost of home care services we provide. As per care service, you will be given a carer which best suits your needs. This allows you the benefit of having the home care you need by being surrounded with friends and family.

Local Authority Funding

You can also be entitled to any care funding and contact your local authority when paying for home care. This way, this accessory of home care funding relieves you from all unnecessary financial strain as well as provide you with the home support you need.

Funding with NHS Continuing Care

If you face a complex medical condition or have severe disabilities due to an accident and/or illness, you might qualify for free NHS Continuing Care. In such case, the participant is more in need of nursing care rather than social care. To confirm if you are eligible for free NHS Continuing Care, you are required to undergo initial screening and later a thoroughly conducted assessment, carried out by a team of 2 or more health professionals. In case of a rapidly deteriorating health, you can ask to skip this process. However, if you do not qualify for NHS Continuing Care, you will still be given proper care via Local Authority Funding for your care needs.

Social Services Funding

It is effective for those with savings below £23,250. This gives rise to the need to contact your Adult Social Services to arrange a Community Care assessment for you. If you prove to be eligible for this certain funding, your local authority will decide a budget based primarily on your care needs.

Carers’ Funding

If you are 16+ of age spending more than 35 hours a week caring for the disabled, you are eligible to receive Carers’ allowance; £61.35 per week. However, this taxable benefit is not available for those in full-time education, are receiving some other benefits or earn £102 per week after certain deductions.

Attendance Funding

If you are 65+ of age, facing certain physical and/or mental disability and require personal care, you are eligible for attendance allowance. People under 65 may receive funds from personal independence payments which range from £21.55 to £138.05 per week. For people who are over 65 and need constant care and supervision through the day or night, basic rate of attendance allowance is £54.45 per week. In case of full supervision and care for both day and night, or in case of a terminal illness, a higher rate of attendance allowance, that is, £81.30.

Full-time Healthcare Funding

This is available to those in need of a healthcare on a full-time basis. The funds in this care cover personal care, nursing care and any costs related to household matters and adjustments arising due to your health complications.

Looking for more advice on Funding?

If you need more advice to guide you through the process of funding, our supportive team at Sunrise Day Care is more than happy to help you with it. Just call us at 0208 432 9403 and discuss your options with us.

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