Respite Care

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When you are constantly looking after another individual, it will definitely tire you out, no matter how dedicated you are towards your performance. It is necessary you be in good mental and physical state before taking on the huge responsibility of tending to others. You need to tend to yourself too.

Sunrise Day Care is thoughtful towards both its members as well as caretakers.

We offer well-improvised services that ensure your loved one is being looked after as caretakers take a break and go about refreshing themselves up. They can then be able to come rejuvenated with more energy to invest in tending to the members.
Caretakers are sent to specific homes chosen for them based on a certain criteria. Or, if that isn’t desirable for them, we also offer them services present at our centre which make sure they do not tire themselves out in the process of looking after others. Due respect and care is given to them without any kind of prejudice. Time periods for their respite may vary; from a couple of days to a week or two, mainly depending on how much ever time our caretakers need to recharge their bodies and minds.