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With today’s medical advancement, it has become evident that quality care at home is directly correlated with reducing the symptoms of dementia as well as further complications caused due to it. Sunrise Services provide you with dementia specialists that form familiarity and regular routines vital to reducing distress, offering consistent support in the familiar home environment so that your loved one starts their road to recovery from dementia.

Our well trained dementia specialists come up with suitable cognitive stimulation, healthy diet plans and exercises – all of which has a positive impact on dementia symptoms. We work with our clients to ensure they get the best possible care, at the same time also meeting their personal requirements. Our friendly staff at Sunrise Day Care makes sure the home environment remains safe and advises on any changes that might help dementia patients regain their good mental health. We also work with clients and their loved ones to provide emotional support and respite, to access local services and to adapt the care package to ensure changing needs are met with.

We understand what you go through when caught in the brutal clutches of dementia. And we offer you full support, care and love paramount to your recovery from this disease.